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1009, 2018

Sydney Harbour Cruise Weddings

September 10th, 2018|Events|0 Comments

Wedding Ceremony on Sydney Cruise BoatAh, the excitement at a wedding ceremony: the bells, the flowing white gown, flowers, bridesmaids and a cruise boat. Wait. Is that last one out of place? Certainly not!

It’s one way to get married in style and enjoy experiencing the amazing sights of Sydney Harbour.

A Sydney Wedding Cruise

You wedding is going to be one of your most memorable days, and why not make it even more memorable by having it on a cruise boat in the middle of one of the most spectacular harbours in the world, Sydney Harbour.

With a grand view of lit-up Sydney Harbour, up close, overlooking the cityscape, you’re likely to remember the day for the rest of your lives.

Here are some of the additional benefits you’ll get out of a Cruise Boat Wedding on Sydney Harbour.

1.   Getting Gorgeous Professional Photos

No doubt you will have a professional photographer on board to take advantage of the gorgeous people at your wedding with the backdrop of Sydney in all its glory. These will create a life-time of memories and a shared experience with your closest and dearest.

Everyone has a smartphone these days and some people may even capture vivid and mesmerizing photographs of their own with the cityscape backdrop. We suggest that you ask all guests to the wedding to share their photos with so that you can compile or have compiled for you through everyone’s eyes.

2.   Wedding Cruise within your Budget

A wedding cruise is a highly cost effective venue and can be tailored to your budget from formal dining to a buffet and cocktail dining. This flexibility allows you  to control your guest list within your budget, providing freedom to potentially invite more distant relatives and friends.

This way you’ll have more people be part of your celebration and less people to save face with, afterwards. That’s because you would’ve invited them to your wedding. You can include close friends, family, distant relatives and friends that you haven’t seen in a long time.

3.   An Unforgettable way to celebrate your wedding

You can catch up with old friends and meet up with family and reminisce. They’ll be able to view the scenic cityscape, with its iconic sites visible from a distance, like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The Opera House looks incredible when illuminated by bright lights at night.

People who would be visiting Sydney for the first time would be delighted with their experience of the city lights and skyline, first hand. It’s an incredible opportunity to show them how beautiful the city looks, especially in the evening.

4.   Book your wedding cruise early

The Closer it gets to your wedding, the greater the haste. There’s a lot of planning that goes into a cruise boat wedding, from the menu to the look and feel, to the main course to the music and more. It’s not easy and it takes time.

The earlier you book your cruise boat wedding, the less stressful and more memorable it will be.

1307, 2018

What Should You Expect to See on a Sydney Harbour Cruise

July 13th, 2018|Events|0 Comments

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from a Sydney Princess Cruises boat

Sydney is a stunning place to explore via a boat cruise. The scenery of this magnificent location is guaranteed to leave you spell bound, with a spectacular waterfront and skyline.

Sydney harbour is renowned for its beauty and iconic landmarks. Following are some highlights on what you would expect to see on a Sydney Harbour cruise.

Taronga Zoo Sydney

While cruising on the shores of Sydney Harbour, you can get a great view or even visit Taronga Zoo, which is accessible by ferry or bus and located at Bradley’s head.  with more than 4000 animals, the Zoo is an amazing attraction on the shores of Sydney harbour and if it is a quiet night on the water you may hear the calls of native and exotic animals from the comfort of the harbour.

Sydney Opera House

One of the most iconic buildings in Sydney and recognised world-wide is the Sydney Opera House. Added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2007, this unique building with it’s famous big white sails are best appreciated from the waters of Sydney Harbour.  The Opera House was designed by Danish architect, Jorn Utzon and opened in 1973, located at the entrance to the Royal Botanic Gardens no Bennelong Point.

In the Sydney Opera House, there are over 40 performances week, from classical symphonies to modern day artists like Nick Cave, Neill Finn and Paul Kelly. You can enjoy a show with your friends or you can just take a tour to explore this beautiful and wonderful place.

Harbour Bridge

As equally iconic is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a key transport link from the City to the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. Also known as “The Coathanger”, it is an arched bridge with a span of 504 metres and was opened for operation in 1932.

There are bridge-climb tours to its peak of 134m, or you can enjoy a leisurely walk or train ride to get up close and personal. The bridge sits 49 metres above the harbour with marine traffic crossing beneath it constantly. The water is an amazing way to experience the breath-taking size and majesty of this world famous bridge.

Fort Denison

Fort Denison is a part of Sydney Harbour National Park and was used as a time marker, weather station, tide gauge station, navigational guide, defence structure and a fishing spot. Originally a site to hold convicts and as a military defensive facility, this historical sandstone building from the mid 1800’s sits in the middle of Sydney Harbour and is only accessible by boat.

Goat Island

Goat Island is an important and famous place in Port Jackson. You can explore this area with your friends. Unfortunately, you can’t camp there at night.

Since European settlement, this place had a crucial role in developing the cityscape of Sydney. Goat Island was even used as a gunpowder storage depot and housing for convict work gangs in the 1800s.

Convicts used sandstone which was quarried from the eastern part to build the Queen’s Magazine on the island in the 1830s. There is a kitchen, cooperage and barracks in that location. Moreover, the place was also an explosives storage area.

Fascinatingly, a harbour fire brigade and the first water police station were also built on this island. Apart from being a shipyard, Goat Island was a location for concerts and filming. Surprisingly, Water Rats, a television series, was filmed in this area.

806, 2018

Exciting Themes for a Classic Hens Party on a Sydney Harbour Cruise

June 8th, 2018|Events|0 Comments

Hens Party Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Are you looking to celebrate a hens party in a slightly more different way than the usual?

Are you looking for an idea that seems more flashy and classy?

If yes, then you’ve got a perfect option to organize a hens party in exactly that way. You can take the girls on a cruise, enjoy the fresh sea breeze and party hard! A cruise trip is a fabulous way to celebrate a hens party in style. We’ve got the right themes that can further make your hens party stand out from the rest of the others. We’ve seen them all from a simple cruise to enjoy a few drinks with your best friends to setting a unique menu and making it a foodie experience to remember. Let’s see what themes can make a hens party cruise entirely unique.

1- Set a Dress Theme

Setting a dress theme on a cruise hens party is a great idea. You have absolute permission to go crazy and come up with exotic dress themes. For example, you can ask all the girls to dress up as cartoon characters or you can go for a fancy dress theme as well. One of the best themes we’ve seen is to dress up as your favourite movie stars. Some of the girls also decide to go totally retro as well, regardless everyone loves a dress-up party, they’re so much fun!

2- Personalized Games Theme

Girls can have a blast playing games on a cruise. There is a variety of games that you can play in a hens party, but personalized games can make the party even more memorable for the bride-to-be and her friends.  Think about playing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and the donkey can be the groom-to-be or perhaps the hen’s favourite movie star. You can add a customized touch to any game to make it more fun if you know what we mean!!

3- Unusual Gift Theme

This is one of the best hens party themes that you can employ on a cruise as well. Ask all the girls to come up with funny and creative gifts for the bride-to-be. It can be anything to garnish a reaction from the hen and her friends. It can be a funny handwritten poem or a caricature of the bride, or it can be a humorous gift for the wedding night as well! This would be a chance for all the girls to be creative and the best gift can win a prize from the bride-to-be.

4- Unique Entertainment Theme

You can have all the music and dancing you want on a cruise, but you can introduce new ways of having fun as well. For instance, you can hire a stand-up comedian who has the talent for improvising funny and naughty jokes about the bride-to-be and the love of her life. All you’ll have to do is to give the comedian some info about the bride’s personal life for the performer to use it in his jokes.

A hens party should be loaded with fun and laughter. What it needs to be is a lot more than an ordinary girls’ night out. And that’s exactly the kind of experience a cruise and these amazing themes will provide.

All of this will make your hens party a spectacular event that is hard to forget, click here for more information or to make an inquiry or booking with Sydney Princess Cruises.

1105, 2018

Vivid Sydney: Festival by the Harbour

May 11th, 2018|Events|0 Comments

Vivid Sydney Festival

Vivid Sydney is the biggest festival in Australia that takes place every year between May and June. Aside from the well-known outdoor lighting show, many local and international musicians also perform at the Opera House to entertain the audience.

During the Vivid Sydney festivities, the famous buildings and landmarks along the harbour, including Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, are made into an outdoor art canvas using projections. In 2017 alone, around 2.3 million people attended the festival.

The festival began in 2009 and its popularity has been increasing with time. More and more people visit the city in the lead up to winter. Every year, the New South Wales government adds new displays to buildings and landmarks to attract visitors. Moreover, the Vivid Ideas program promotes a creative and innovative thinking across technology, design and culture.

In 2014, Walsh Bay, the Opera House, The Rocks, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, North Sydney, The Carriageworks, and The Star were illuminated. Later in 2016, Taronga Zoo was also added to the landmarks that are illuminated during the event.

Many interactive activities are a part of the annual event in which people get the opportunity to interact with modern technology. For instance, in the Musical Cubes activity, 6 individuals are selected and handed over a 3-dimensional musical cube. The cube represents different instruments and pace. The participants can create tunes that are played over loud-speakers.

If you’re in the city during May and June, you shouldn’t miss out on this unique experience. The lighting festival brightens the world famous landmarks alongside the harbour. You can also enjoy musical performances of musicians from all over the country. Moreover, international musicians such as St. Vincent, Ice Cube and Solange visit the city during the festival to share their talent with others.

The entire festival is arranged around Sydney Harbour. So, whether you live in the city or intend to visit Sydney when the festivities are going on, you should visit the harbour at night to enjoy the activities. Be it the music festival or the lighting event, you’ll enjoy the amazing performances. Moreover, at the Vivid Ideas platform, you may get the chance to meet business and creative leaders from different industries and get valuable information by listening to them.

Of course, you can enjoy the festival to the fullest by booking a Vivid Festival Cruise trip. With this cruise trip, you can be a part of the festivities and enjoy the amazingly unique vivid views of Sydney from the water. This will give you an alternate perspective on the city and the festival and will provide for once off photo opportunities and memories.

The cruise trip package includes drinks, refreshments and a delicious local street food inspired menu. This is an experience suited to all ages, so make it a family event.

Vivid Sydney takes place every year during May and June and comprises of three major events: Vivid Light, Vivid Music, and Vivid Ideas and Speakers. It’s one of the biggest festivals around the country that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

3107, 2015

New Year’s Eve Cruises

July 31st, 2015|Events|0 Comments

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