A delicious meal with a beautiful table setting can be quite an incredible dinner. At Sydney Princess Cruises, we want to help you make these dinners even better with our dinner cruises. With a choice of fine cuisines, exceptional service and a beautiful dinner setting, all while on a luxury boat cruising the immaculate Sydney Harbour, the “perfect dinner” will never be the same.

Cruise Through Sydney Harbour by Night

During the day, Sydney Harbour offers an incredible view as sunlight glistens and reflects off the water.  With the Harbour Bridge in view, you can see the glory of Sydney Harbour in its entirety. During the evening, you see the Harbour come alive.

With the light of the city and moon reflecting off its pristine waters, the Harbour offers a magical setting for all who cruise on it. Sydney Princess Cruises helps you enjoy the mystical allure of Sydney Harbour at night while you experience a phenomenal dinner.

Delicious Food

For most people, nothing really beats a home cooked meal. At Sydney Princess Cruises, we tend to disagree. With experienced chefs, courteous wait staff and a myriad of delectable meals to choose from, you will experience an unforgettable dinner adventure. Whether you choose to dine alone or enjoy dinner with the family, we can facilitate everyone. More than just food, you can enjoy a range of drinks from our bar.

Dinner cruise

Gorgeous Dinner Settings

Whether it is the location, service or the food, at Sydney Princess Cruises, we are committed to offering only the best. That’s why we offer a range of gorgeous dinner settings to choose from. If you want your table to be set at a particular place or in a specific way, we can facilitate your requests. More than just table placement, you can enjoy a themed dinner as well.

Fell in love in Hawaii? First met on the Gold Coast? Proposed at the prom? Family loves Las Vegas? We can create themes that recreate special moments or entire
This helps give your dinner that added element of charm, grace and personality. If you have a few special ideas, let us know and we will try our best to get them done.

Whether it’s dinner for one or the entire family, Sydney Princess Cruises can create a tailored package that suits your needs. Get in touch with our planners and choose how you would like to enjoy your dinner. Themes, drinks, food, entertainment, duration and the number of people – let us know it all and we will create the ultimate dinner cruise.

If you want to experience a magical dinner unlike any other, Sydney Princess Cruises can help you host it. Call our planners today on 02 9518-7813 and let the good times roll!