Lunch with friends is a great way to strengthen the bond, learn more about their lives and enjoy a few great laughs. While lunch at your favourite restaurant or coffee shop is great, we believe that lunch between friends deserves better food, scenery and service. At Sydney Princess Cruises, you don’t just “have” lunch, you “enjoy” it. Here is a look at all the lunch excitement that you are missing!

Amazing Sydney Harbour Scenery for Your Lunch

While the atmosphere of your favourite restaurant may be enjoyable, trumping the scenic allure of Sydney Harbour is next to impossible.The sound of the lapping waves, the feel of the cool breeze on your skin, the reflection of the sun off the pristine water and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background is sublime.

Enjoy the beauty of Sydney Harbour as you dine, talk and laugh on the deck of a luxury vessell.
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Mouth-Watering Food

Sydney has a number of great restaurants that offer a range of great food. However, if you’re tired of the same restaurant food every lunch, we offer a large range of exquisite food that will melt your palate. Whether you’re dining with your partner or plenty of friends, Sydney Princess Cruises has your options covered. Choose from a formal dining experience for a few friends or a lunch buffet if you’re inviting plenty of friends over. Either way, you enjoy fantastic dishes.

Unlimited Entertainment

When you visit your favourite restaurant, the only real sense of entertainment comes in the form of the talks you enjoy with your friends.

At Sydney Princess Cruises, we believe that lunch with friends should be as entertaining as possible. That’s why we offer a range of entertaining activities that you can enjoy with your friends such as laser shooting and casino gaming tables.

A Lunch Tailored your Way

At Sydney Princess Cruises, we believe in empowering our customers’ choices. That’s why we give you the choice to tailor your own lunch. Whether it is the food, service, drinks offered, activities, theme, duration or even the number of invited guests, you get to choose it all and create a package accordingly, only paying for what you want.

With Sydney Princess Cruises, going out for lunch with friends, family or your partner will never be the same. With a range of light meals, delicious drinks and friendly service, all enjoyed while over magnificent Sydney Harbour, we have the perfect lunches ready for your enjoyment.
All you have to do is let us know what your preferences are and we will make sure you enjoy the best lunch ever.

If you want to enjoy a fantastic lunch with your friends, family and/or partner, choose Sydney Princess Cruises. Call our planners today on 02 9518-7813 and plan the best lunch ever.