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How to Plan the Perfect Whale Watching Experience in Sydney

a whale jumping out of the water

Whale watching is a popular experience in Sydney. More than 25,000 whales swim past the Sydney waters each year. This makes the whale spotting and watching experience a long and fascinating one. While exciting and mesmerizing, whale watching is an unusual experience. The onlookers are entranced by the sight of these massive giants swimming in the warm waters of Sydney.

Do you want to go whale watching in Sydney?

Here’s how you can plan the perfect whale watching experience in Sydney.


1.      When to Visit Sydney

Sydney has an unusually long whale watching season. It extends from May to November each year. However, there are fewer whales in the winter months from June to August.

If you want to have the best whale watching experience in Sydney, then plan your trip somewhere between mid May and mid November. If you are lucky, you may also see some newborn calves with their mother closer to the shore.


2.      How to go Whale Watching

When you have decided on when you want to go whale watching, the next step is deciding how you want to do it. The best way to go whale watching is by hiring a boat. You can take a cruise from the Sydney Harbour and set out on an unforgettable journey into the waters.

The cruise you hire depends on the number of people you have. If it’s your family and friends, you can rent the entire cruise. However, if you are just a small number of people, then you can adjust yourselves with another group.


3.      Making Reservations for Your Whale Watching Tour

Don’t leave the reservations to the last moment. It is very difficult to find a boat for hire during the peak whale watching season. Therefore, book a boat off Sydney Harbour as soon as your plan is finalised. You can choose from a long list of cruises and boats. Each of them provides different amenities and offerings, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget the best.


4.      Prepare Yourself

If you are going whale watching during winter, then you must bring warm clothing with you. It can get really chilly out there in the ocean. Therefore, layer yourself with warm clothing. A bonus of layering is that you can take off layers if you don’t feel too cold. But it is recommended that you prepare yourself well for the chilly winds of the ocean before you set off on the whale watching tour.

If you get seasick, take medication along, and take them when you feel nauseated or sick.


5.      Check the Weather Forecast

While there are no specific best times to spot whales, it is recommended that you book your tour after checking the weather forecast. Whales tend to be more active during the day. However, you should book your tour according to your schedule.

These were some simple things to do to plan the perfect whale watching experience in Sydney.

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