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Why Eco-Tourism Is So Important for the Conservation of Whales

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Many species of whales are part of the endangered animals’ list. One of the main reasons why they are on this list is because we, humans, have destroyed their natural habitats. We are attracted towards standard commercial mass tourism, where whales and many other animals are kept in an artificial environment.

However, thanks to the eco-tourism initiatives put forth by many nature-loving people and organizations, you can now experience wildlife in their natural habitat. When it comes to the whales in Australia, eco-tourism has helped them to survive and remain healthy.

Here is whey eco-tourism is so important for the conservation of whales.

1.      Whales in Their Natural Habitat

Eco-tourism involves tourists visiting animals in their natural habitat. When we talk about whale watching, whales are not brought to the tourists in a large aquarium. In fact, tourists head into the natural habitat of the whales to see them.

Eco-tourism has helped whales stay in their natural habitat. This is very important for the conservation of whales as they are able to grow and swim in a natural environment. No matter how much money you spend on artificial aquariums, they don’t even come remotely close to their natural habitat. Thanks to eco-tourism of whales in Australia, they can thrive in their natural habitat.

2.      Whales Migrate as the Season Demands

Whales migrate from the cold waters of Antarctica to the temperate waters of Australia during Australian autumn months. They give birth to their young ones and feed them here before they head back to Antarctica again. This is a natural instinct of whales. They cover a huge distance from Australia to Antarctica and then back to Australia each year. It is essential for their vitality and wellbeing.

Eco-tourism has made it possible for whales to keep going through this migration phase uninterrupted and with minimal interference. This has improved their numbers and also their general health and wellbeing.

3.      Whale Mating and Breeding

As mentioned before, whales migrate along the coast of Australia to mate. They can only find suitable mates when they are in their natural habitat only. Thanks to eco-tourism, whales don’t have to remain secluded for life. They can mate freely and give birth to their young ones in the temperate waters of Australia. They can feed their young ones and they can grow and survive in the ocean.

Mating and breeding is essential for endangered species for their survival. It is not possible in commercial mass tourism, which is contributing to the extinction of animals. Thanks to eco-tourism, whales are slowly growing in number, and we are hoping that they will be out of the list of endangered species soon.

These were some of the reasons why eco-tourism is important for the conservation of whales. It is also our duty to not indulge in any mass commercial tourism of animals and discourage it as much as we can. This will help animals thrive in their natural habitat .

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