Girls Party on a Sydney Harbour Charter Cruise

As the temperature drops in Sydney, all one wants to do is snuggle up in their beds with a warm cup of coffee and watch Netflix.

While it is totally fine to be a hermit when winter arrives, there are plenty of amazing outdoor activities that you can enjoy during winters in Sydney. In fact, winter is the busiest season when it comes to activities at the Sydney Harbour.

Not sure what we are talking about?

Wondering who goes out on the harbour in winter?

Well, here are some amazing and fun-filled activities that you can do on Sydney Harbour this winter on a chartered boat.

1.      Go Whale Watching

First things first, you are missing out on a lot of fun if you don’t go whale watching on a chartered boat on Sydney Harbour. It is a once in a lifetime experience, and you must never miss it. Book a Sydney Harbour charter boat and plan a whale watching trip with your friends and family.

2.      Go Fishing

You can take a charter boat out for fishing in winters too. Sydney’s water is home to different varieties of fish and you can have a lot of fun if you hire a charter boat for fishing. You can have a fun day out in the water with your friends and family. You can catch leather jackets, salmon, tailor, yellowtail kingfish, trevally and bream during winter fishing on Sydney Harbour.

3.      Travel to the Secret Beaches

You can also book a charter boat and discover some of the most stunning secluded beaches spread around Sydney Harbour. You will, of course, need the guidance of your crew and skipper. Take your friends and family along and have a great time on one of these secret beaches and islands. You will also get a chance to explore the relics and ruins on these islands.

4.      Arrange Corporate Events on A Boat

Winters don’t have to be boring. Why not plan something fun and exciting for your employees?

You can book a Sydney Harbour charter boat and plan a corporate event. Lunch on a boat is perfect for winter months. Arrange a buffet for your team. Put on some music and let them unwind. This will not only boost their motivation, but it will also give them an opportunity to relax and have some fun.

5.      Arrange a Buck’s or Hen’s Party Cruise

We love winter weddings!

If your friend is also getting married in the winter season, then you can plan their Buck’s or Hen’s party on a charter boat at Sydney Harbour. It will give them a pleasant surprise and it will be a lot of fun. It is convenient and exciting. You can also get special amenities on board and make it a night to remember for your friend.


Winter is a great time to book a Sydney Harbour charter boat and have some fun outdoors. From whale watching to secret beaches and much more, you will find plenty of fun things to do.