Team-building exercises and training sessions form an integral part of the success of any business. They help team members bond and become unified in their efforts for a better tomorrow. Rather than hold the exercises in the office, we recommend choosing a better location and host a team-building cruise on Sydney Harbour with Sydney Princess Cruises.

A Refreshing and Reinvigorating Atmosphere

Offices are the central location for many business activities, including training and team-building. While they may be great, the age of training in closed doors is over because no employee likes to work on their skills in a small box. Sydney Princess Cruises’ team-building cruise gives your employees a chance to build their team skills in a refreshing and reinvigorating atmosphere – Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Harbour serves as the perfect backdrop to a team-building event. The cool air, the beautiful scenery and the open space make for the perfect stage for your team-building exercises – much better than the office.

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Adequate Refreshments

When it comes to any team building cruise, you need to have your employees well nourished and refreshed throughout the activities. With a history of serving only quality drinks and food that Sydney has to offer, we provide adequate refreshments so that your employees stay energized and focused throughout the day.

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Plenty of Space to Conduct Exercises

A core part of team building exercises is the ability to move around and conduct the exercise. At times, it’s not movement but rather space to accommodate the large number of people. At Sydney Princess Cruises, we can do both, and more. With enough space to support dozens of employees and a range of team building exercises, we help you execute a range of team-building exercises.

To mention a few but not limited to:

• Motivational/Guest  speakers
• Laser shooting
• Remote control yacht racing
• Trivia
• Karaoke and DJ’s
• Comedians
• Casino themes
• Island visits

If you need to host team-building exercises, we recommend executing them in style over gorgeous Sydney Harbour. With the right gear, service and price, your team-building cruise will be the best that you have ever hosted and your team has enjoyed. It’s time you trained your team the right way.

Access to all the Technology You Need

When conducting team-building exercises, you usually require projectors, LCDs, sound systems, lights and much more. At Sydney Princess Cruises, you can deliver an impressive speech or conduct an inspiring team-building exercise by using our available technology. Simply state the technology you require and we will be more than happy to accommodate your requests.

If you need to host team-building exercises on the perfect location, with the right services, delicious food and refreshments, all at affordable prices, contact Sydney Princess Cruises today. Call our corporate event specialists today on 02 9518-7813 and create the perfect package.