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Australia Day Lunch Cruise MV Jerry Bailey Image 1

Australia Day is just around the corner.

What have you planned for this year’s Australia Day?

You don’t want to spend this important day sitting at your home and doing nothing.

If you can’t figure out what to do, our suggestion is to spend the day on a party cruise!


It is that time of the year when you need to decide how you are going to celebrate Australia Day. When it comes to making this decision, nothing tops spending the day on Sydney Harbour. You will be lucky if you get to celebrate Australia Day with a party cruise on the Sydney Harbour. Sydney Harbour just makes Australia Day even more special. People from all over the country gather here to celebrate the most important national day.


There is nothing more Australian than cruising Sydney Harbour, as it’s the most extravagant place to go to when it comes to special occasions like New Year’s Eve or Australia Day. A party cruise is a great option for spending the national day with pride, enthusiasm and a lot of fun, especially if you are with friends and family. Spend the day with your near and dear ones enjoying a BBQ with a great Aussie wine or beer.


If this is your first time on a party cruise, you need to keep in mind some tips that will help you make the day great. Here are some of them:

Book in Advance

First things first, you need to make sure that you have booked your party cruise in advance for Australia Day. On Australia Day, Sydney Harbour is jam-packed. If you are planning to spend the day on Sydney Harbour with your friends and family, you need to book your party cruise in advance. You won’t be able to get bookings on the same day as all the cruises are booked beforehand. For more information on booking a party cruise please click here.

Decide on the Schedule

There are so many things that you can do on a party cruise. It is best to decide on a schedule beforehand so that you don’t miss out on anything important and fun. Plan ahead, decide on the number of people you have to take along and the drinks and other things you need on the cruise. Decide on the menu beforehand too so that there is nothing to worry about on the day.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Also, decide where you want to be picked up from and dropped off to. Choose a party cruise service that offers to pick you up from the point that is the most convenient for you.

Go on a party cruise and watch the ferry races, tall ships and all other Australia Day festivities up close to celebrate this Australia Day in true Aussie style.

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