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Tips for Gifting a Whale Watching Cruise


Gifts are a great way to let your friends and family know how much you appreciate them. But sometimes, it becomes really difficult to select the best gift to give as a token of your appreciation. Instead of just giving a simple and mainstream gift to your relatives and friends this time, make it an experience that you can share and remember for the coming years.

Whale Watching is Not Just a Gift, It’s an Experience

Whale watching could be such an experience for your friends and family. It’s not something that they can just squeeze into their closet and forget about it till next year. It’s likely to be an experience of a lifetime.

You don’t need to spend hours at malls and go to every different gift shop to get the perfect gift. Allow them to have an experience which brings you closer together in the beauty of nature. Whale watching is the perfect way to make that happen, because it allows you to connect with nature and with your loved ones.

1.    Wife/Husband’s Birthday

Is your life partner’s day just around the corner? If so, and you want to do something unique for them this time around, a whale watching cruise is one of the best options you have. Peering out over the calm and clear blue water to see the majestic humpbacks, humpback whales might just give both of you a new appreciation of aquatic life.

You can share this special time with these majestic giants of the sea as they frolic, play and maybe breach the surface of the water and show how graceful they can be. It’ll be a moment for both of you to cherish and remember.

2.    Something Special for Grandparents

Grandparents are always hard to buy a gift for as they tend to have everything they need, whilst at the same time they tend to appreciate some quality time with their loved ones. The middle of the whale migration season is an ideal opportunity to share that valuable time and create a life-time experience.

Plan out your family whale watching trip and give your grandparents the trip of a lifetime. Cruise boats are large and sturdy, plus they’re wheelchair accessible, allowing for greater comfort despite the varying sea movements.

3.    A Token of Thanks to Your Staff

Are your staff loyal and hard-working, having put in the extra effort to achieve the business goals and growing the business? Well, it’s about time you treat them and their family to an all-expenses paid whale watching cruise.

This will allow them to experience the beauty of Australia and some time off from the stresses of everyday life. Plus, their kids will have an enjoyable experience watching whales with their calves and, if they’re lucky, a few breaches or two.

4.    An Experience for International Visitors

Have a friend or family visiting from afar. Treat them to a whale watching cruise on Sydney Harbour which includes a full harbour cruise with commentary, lunch or breakfast options, and your whale watching experience. They’ll get a view of the marine life of Australia and appreciate the amazing photography opportunities that you provided them. The best part, they won’t need any extra bags for this adventure as everything is included.

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