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a boat in the water

Sydney is a stunning place to explore via a boat cruise. The scenery of this magnificent location is guaranteed to leave you spell bound, with a spectacular waterfront and skyline.

Sydney harbour is renowned for its beauty and iconic landmarks. Following are some highlights on what you would expect to see on a Sydney Harbour cruise.


While cruising on the shores of Sydney Harbour, you can get a great view or even visit Taronga Zoo, which is accessible by ferry or bus and located at Bradley’s head.  with more than 4000 animals, the Zoo is an amazing attraction on the shores of Sydney harbour and if it is a quiet night on the water you may hear the calls of native and exotic animals from the comfort of the harbour.


One of the most iconic buildings in Sydney and recognised world-wide is the Sydney Opera House. Added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2007, this unique building with it’s famous big white sails are best appreciated from the waters of Sydney Harbour.  The Opera House was designed by Danish architect, Jorn Utzon and opened in 1973, located at the entrance to the Royal Botanic Gardens no Bennelong Point.

In the Sydney Opera House, there are over 40 performances week, from classical symphonies to modern day artists like Nick Cave, Neill Finn and Paul Kelly. You can enjoy a show with your friends or you can just take a tour to explore this beautiful and wonderful place.


As equally iconic is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a key transport link from the City to the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. Also known as “The Coathanger”, it is an arched bridge with a span of 504 metres and was opened for operation in 1932.

There are bridge-climb tours to its peak of 134m, or you can enjoy a leisurely walk or train ride to get up close and personal. The bridge sits 49 metres above the harbour with marine traffic crossing beneath it constantly. The water is an amazing way to experience the breath-taking size and majesty of this world famous bridge.


Fort Denison is a part of Sydney Harbour National Park and was used as a time marker, weather station, tide gauge station, navigational guide, defence structure and a fishing spot. Originally a site to hold convicts and as a military defensive facility, this historical sandstone building from the mid 1800’s sits in the middle of Sydney Harbour and is only accessible by boat.


Goat Island is an important and famous place in Port Jackson. You can explore this area with your friends. Unfortunately, you can’t camp there at night.

Since European settlement, this place had a crucial role in developing the cityscape of Sydney. Goat Island was even used as a gunpowder storage depot and housing for convict work gangs in the 1800s.

Convicts used sandstone which was quarried from the eastern part to build the Queen’s Magazine on the island in the 1830s. There is a kitchen, cooperage and barracks in that location. Moreover, the place was also an explosives storage area.

Fascinatingly, a harbour fire brigade and the first water police station were also built on this island. Apart from being a shipyard, Goat Island was a location for concerts and filming. Surprisingly, Water Rats, a television series, was filmed in this area.

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