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Why Whale Watching in Sydney is Crucial For Their Conservation and Protection?

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Do you know that many species of whales are endangered? The natural habitat of whales is being destroyed and the world is moving towards commercial mass tourism. This means that instead of watching these beautiful whales and other animals in their natural habitat, we prefer to watch them in an artificial environment.

Whales are taken from their natural habitat, the oceans, and are put into large aquariums. No matter how hard we try to create an environment similar to their natural habitat, we simply can’t. This is affecting the protection and conservation of whales, and we must do something about it.

For starters, we should quit commercial mass tourism and promote whale watching in their natural habitat. Whale watching in Sydney is one example. Whale watching in their natural habitat helps conserve and protect them. Here’s why we should promote it.

1.      Whales Live in Their Natural Habitat

First and most importantly, whale watching in Sydney means that the whales will be living in their natural habitat. They will not be kept in those large aquariums that are popular in commercial tourism of animals. They can swim and grow in an environment that is best for their health, growth, and survival. They are built to live in big oceans, not the aquariums that we so happily go and watch them suffer in.

2.      Whales Migrate When It’s Time

Whales don’t live in the same water all their lives. They migrate from cold waters to temperate waters as the temperature demands. This is essential and crucial for their protection, conservation, and survival. The Australian whales migrate to Australian waters from the cold waters of Antarctica during the autumn months. This is where they give birth to their babies. Thus, travelling from Antarctica to Australia and back each year is necessary for their wellbeing and vitality.

3.      Whales Can Breed in Their Natural Habitat

Another reason in support of whale watching in Sydney is that the whales can find mates when they are in their natural habitat. They don’t have to remain secluded from their kind. They can breed and give birth and increase their population. This is essential as many species of whales are already endangered, and we must encourage breeding as opposed to putting them in aquariums.

Whale watching in Sydney allows tourists to watch whales in their natural habitat. This prevents mass commercial tourism of animals which is endangering many species of animals. We must protect these animals by not interfering with their natural habitat. Animals should remain where they belong and shouldn’t be put into aquariums and cages just for our entertainment. Promote whale watching in their natural habitat— the stunning waters of Australia and help them thrive.

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