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Whale Watching Express

2 Hour Whale Watching Cruise from Sydney Harbour!

Quick Details

Person Ages 5+

Whale watching from Sydney Harbour. Come join us for this years whale watching season as we marvel at the beauty of the humpback whales as they migrate along our Sydney Harbour coastline.

The annual migration is expected to see in excess of 40,000 plus whales cruise past the coast of Sydney Harbour this year and there is no better way to see one of nature’s biggest migration in the world than on the Whale Express.

Your cruise starts from Eastern Pontoon Circular right in the heart of Sydney. Shortly after boarding and hearing your comprehensive safety brief you will be cruising past the Opera House and some of Sydney’s world famous landmarks heading for the humpback highway outside THE ENTRANCE TO SYDNEY HARBOUR (Sydney Heads)

Whale Express wont get you there as quick as a humpback whale breaching but it will get you there quick.

Did you know that it only takes 2 to 3 flicks of a humpback whales tail to propel itself out of the water to perform what is called a breach, what many say is the holy grail of whale watching. You will be outside the heads in approximately 20 minutes and that’s when the quest to find the whales begin.

Your crew will get you out there safely and then once you have located a humpback or two the crew tell you about the whales and their behaviour and provide interesting commentary about what the whale migration is all about.

The northern migration is about the whales heading to the warmer waters on North Queensland to give birth and mate for next year’s migration. A baby whale could not survive the cold waters of the Southern Ocean if it was born in those freezing temperatures.

The southern migration is all the whales returning to the Southern Ocean to feed so they can build up their energy reserves ready to do the migration again the following year. Did you know that humpback whales will rarely eat whilst on their Northern or Southern migration unless an opportune meal presents itself.

Humpback whales were nearly hunted till they no longer existed back in the early to mid 1900’s, however now with great efforts put in by conservationist groups and charities these magnificent creatures’ population is getting healthier and bigger each year.

Every day is different whale watching and we do not see all the same activities from the whales each cruise however you may see fluke dives, pec slapping, cruising, head slapping, competition pods, breaching or even mothers and calves (babies). The calves can be just like any little kid you may know, if their mum lets them play then they play full on. Calves are mainly seen on the southern migration from September to November.

Whether it’s your first time whale watching or you have seen whales before, jump onboard Whale Express for your next whale watching adventure.


  • 2 Hour cruise departing from Eastern Pontoon Circular Quay
  • Commentary on the whales and their behaviour, facts and statistics
  • Vessel Explorer is capable of carrying 64 persons with the number limited to 46 persons to ensure everyone gets a good view.
  • Comfortable vessel that will escort you out quickly and has a covered roof for protection from all weather elements
  • Sightseeing guarantee that if you don’t see whales you get to join another cruise for free. Valid for 3 years.

$89 per person


9:00am – 11:00am

11:15am – 1:15pm

1:30pm – 3:30pm

3:45pm – 5:45pm (August – November only)

6pm – 8pm (October – November only)

Additional notes
• Daily departure times may vary. Be sure to check you confirmation for specific times for each date as departure times vary each day.
• Times may vary on the day of your cruise due to harbour traffic.
• Your cruise times include boarding and disembarking for all guests


  • Cruise is NOT suitable for pregnant women
  • Children must be over 5 yuears of age
  • You may encounter wind and seaspray on this cruise.
  • We recommend you wear weather appropriate clothing, wind and rain jackets to protect from the sea spray.


PLEASE NOTE – you understand you will have to provide your Identification and Credit Card used for booking upon check in.